Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Are there any property bargains in Grantham and how to find them.

Well, if you read this blog, i often post deals that you, the good people of Grantham should be buying for buy to let.

In the coming weeks, not only will I look current bargains, in some future articles, I want to look to look at some old bargains that have come good.

Let's start with this one, Hill View Close (off Goodliff Road near the junction Dysart Road .. think Hillingford Way but a little nicer). This 3 bed semi/ end townhouse came on the market last Summer(August 2013) for £104,950 and sold  a few months later for £103,000 (completing in early Spring 2014) .. nice isnt it?

However, roll the clock back a few years to December 2010, and it was bought for £66,000... Have a look at the photos from the time it was marketed in 2010 below .. here is the best bit .. it was marketed at £79,950 and sold for £66,000.

So the person who saw through the purple walls and crappy decor made a decent wedge .. a rise of 56% (or 14% a year).

There are still plenty of bargains out there, even in this market. The most important question you should ask an agent (and do this face to face .. not over the phone or email)  is 'WHERE ARE THEY MOVING TO.......AND TELL ME, WHY ARE THEY MOVING?'  

The first is is a sop to hit them with the second question. people who put their property on the market fall into two categories, (1) GOT TO SELLS and (2) LIKE TO SELLS .. Try and find someone in the first category who have been on the market a long time .. how do you find stuff that has been on the market a long time .. easy .. do a search as you would on Rightmove.. once it gives you a results in a  list, in the top right hand corner there is a drop down menu , called 'Sort by' ... 99.9999999999999999999% of people leave it at Highest Price first. You should drop it to 'Most recent first'.... then just keep scrolling down page by page and the stuff on the last few pages is stuff that has been on the market a long time

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